Russian-American pianist and organist Yevgeniy Perebeyev is a solo performer, chamber performer, accompanist and educator. Yevgeniy was born in a family of professional musicians (mother, a pianist, father, a violinist), in Almaty, the former capital of Kazakh SSR (modern day Kazakhstan). Given his family background Yevgeniy has been trained in a rich traditions of the Russian piano school. Once accepted to the prestigious Almaty State Conservatory in 1983, Yevgeniy quickly decided to double major in piano and organ solo performing. Consequently, in 1990 he graduated with Master of Music degree in piano performance, organ performance, pedagogy, chamber music and accompaniment summa cum laude. During his student career Yevgeniy spent some time in Czech Republic learning the craft of organ building. Yevgeniy's expertise allowed him to be the top organ master in Almaty, managing the organ of the Kazakh Central Hall for 12 years. During his years in Kazakhstan Yevgeniy taught and worked as an accompanist at the Kazakh State Pedagogical Institute, Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts, and Tchaikovsky's Music College in Almaty. Upon his immigration to the U.S. in 2000, Yevgeniy also gained additional expertise in rebuilding pianos while working for Chris Pleim Piano Services. Although, Yevgeniy enjoyed his time rebuilding pianos, his passion for teaching led him to a decision to dedicate all his time to teaching piano and organ. Yevgeniy is a member of the Music Teachers National Association ( and his students have been the recipients of various awards. Over the years Yevgeniy developed his own method of teaching piano. Currently, Yevgeniy has over 50 students ranging from 4 to 77 year olds, many of whom had never played piano before. Yevgeniy applies traditional Russian piano school methods modified to strengthen individual student's skills. The goal is not to only ace the technique, but to be able to perform each piece in a way that can be felt by the audience.